Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day 2010

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In TN it doesn't require a lot of snow to shut things down, but we were out on Friday and actually got 2-3 in snow and 1/2 in of ice. The ice kind of ruined our snow fun outside, so I spent my snow day sewing.... I can't believe how many orders I've gotten lately. Thank you!!!

I've been saving this apple and pear's so hard to let go of pretty fabric! I love how this baby set turned out!

This gift set was for a new mom with twins! I can't even imagine!!! The fleece changing pad reverses to the same fabric as the burp cloths, I really like how the double monogram turned out!

I had lots of baby orders this week- here's one more- with sweet blue and green turtles. I
still have some turtles on a white background- it could be cute for a boy or girl!
I've been a tee-shirt-making -fool this weekend! Good thing I like them. The appliques give me instant gratification! I've done a few more Valentine tees, several initial tees, and a new hot rod tee. Here's a sampling...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More baby things...and "big kid" things too!

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Yeah! I had my first "order"....and it was someone I didn't know! I couldn't believe it! Here is her order...a cute bib with minky fleece on one side and matching fabric for the burp cloth on the other side!

My sweet friend Melanie ordered another set of three for a baby gift. This bib is a store bought terry cloth bib with coordinating letters appliqued to match the burp cloth. Here are the gifts tied up with a cute bow and ready to be mailed off.... I hope they like them!

My college roommate has three precious kids that I LOVE to sew for...2 girls and a sweet baby boy! here are a few things I finished for them this weekend....

I love this whale fabric. William wore this in green last year and I found it in baby blue this year... there's even a little chest pocket on the front. I love to make custom things from fabric you find and can't live without :-) Check out the Fabric Finders website and they have a link to find stores in your area that sell their fabric....

This fabric is Fabric Finders too- it's a white pique with pink or blue hippos and black dots...I made "Katie" style jumpers for the girls and a "James" jonjon for the boy. I can't wait to see how cute they look this spring wearing these!

This is a modified "Anna" style jumper where I cut the bodice and add white pique fabric and coordinating piping so I can monogram the dress. Sometimes I love the fabric (this is Fabric Finders too)...but it's too busy to monogram so this is an easy way to fix that "problem." :-)

I did the exact same thing to these dresses, but if you look closely you can see that the dresses are piped with the fabric I made the jonjon out they coordinate, but aren't too matchy-matchy.....

So that was this weekend. I was busy...but finished a lot of stuff I had cut out, but just hadn't "finished".... I'd be happy to show you some of the fabric I have available... or to make something for you out of something you find. Ebay is another great place to "shop" for fabrics...Search Michael Miller, Robert Kauffman, Fabric Finders, etc. I love JCaroline Creative online...Or if you live close to Gastonia, NC Mary Jo's is the BEST fabric store around!!! I'm getting some new applique patterns for tee shirts soon- check back later this week :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Gifts

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OK- everyone's having a know you know someone. How about a cute, personalized gift...that won't break the bank? I can even wrap them and mail them for you with a cute personalized note- how easy am I making this for you??? :-) I can make bibs, burp cloths, changing pads, monogrammed onesies, or an outfit. Search the blog for the outfit choices. here are some baby choices. If you want something different just ask- I'd be happy to help you put together a perfect gift for the new baby!
I'm trying to make this a bib, burb cloth or a onesie is $8 for a single, $15 for two, and $22 for three, $30 for 4... you can mix and match- names or initials.... more than four things- just ask...
So, four onesies...$30

Onesie and a burp cloth- cute! $15

2 burp cloths and 1 onesie....$22

3 burp cloths... $22
Changing pad...soft minky fleece and a coordinating fabric on the opposite side. Large enough to cover the WHOLE yucky changing table (about a pillwocase size), but small enough to tie up with a bow and fit in your diaper bag- I LOVE mine! $18
Changing pad and coordinating burp cloth- perfect! $25
The kitchen sink...your Bestie's having a baby? Sister? $50 for everything a new mom needs to keep her baby spitting up in style :-)
Email me to order something :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New tees

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Tees are my new thing.... here are some of my favorite designs...I just LOVE the hearts for Valentine's day...I did one in all different shades of pink and white minky fleece. Any tee I do with minky or curduroy William likes to walk around and pet his belly feeling the puppy or whatever it is :-) Target's having a HUGE sale on tees- Do you want a tee or want me to make one and send to someone as a gift from you? I even have cute pink and red heart paper...Just let me know. $18 if I buy the tee, $10 if you buy the tee...or send me one of your kids old ones...Hearts cover stains quite nicely :-) Let me know the size and design you like including what name to monogram......

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