Friday, May 7, 2010

Sewing through the flood in TN

Posted by JTP at 6:39 AM
A small "flood" came through TN last weekend- we had about 16 inches of rain over 2's been an interesting week trying to dry out over the last few days. The storms put a small slow down in my sewing, but hopefully I'll get caught up soon. I finished the gift for the winner of the Intentional Home Blog giveaway... Congratulations! I love giveaways- maybe because I like to win and I feel like with a giveaway I kind-of "win." Well, I at least get to see the winning prize before the winner actually does, I'm the kid who wanted to see the gifts before they were wrapped up for Christmas :-) here's what the winner Courtney ordered....

I hope she loves it. I am in love with the seersucker alligator!!! Is she/he not the best?

Look closely, I used her again :-) I also added a new flower applique- I think its super sweet for a little girl!

My friend Diane and her sister trade small gifts each time they visit- this time Mary's getting a summer koozie- perfect!

New designs...

I've always loved the traditional three letter monogram, but it was too large for a onesie or koozie- I've just gotten a smaller version that starts at only 1.5 in- yeah! perfect for a onesie or koozie!

How cute is this "tie" for a onesie or t-shirt? I am just thinking how sweet little babies and toddlers will be in this, or you can make it a funky 80s "tie"... yeah!

My son has developed a minor obsession with trains and wagons...and tunnels??? anyway I just found this to pacify him- can't wait to use it... "choo-choo" as baby William would say! (If you don't know William, he's not really a "baby" he's 21 mo old, but I still call him "baby William" :-)

Tons of bubbles, bibs, and burp cloths to make this weekend- here's hoping for nice weather...well not too nice- I don't want to be tempted to be outside all day!!!!


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