Monday, May 24, 2010

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Big changes for the website are coming soon.... Today is my last day of school for the summer so I'll have time to focus on improving my picture-taking skills, and hopefully get a new and improved website! Keep your fingers crossed I can figure everything out!!!! Until then- a few things I've been working on:

Some koozies for Courtney to give as a gift- love these for small wedding gifts!

Sweet Mrs. Honeycutt asked me to make these as a housewarming gift- 2 dish towels and 2 dishcloths- what a fun idea Diane!
Look familiar? I made very similar outfits right before Nashville flooded and the recipient lost them in the I remade them..kind of the same, kind of different. It's hard to remake something exactly for me :-) I just love this little astronaut!

Some of my all time favorite fabric- I just ordered a ton of new fabric from Lola Pink Fabrics- I LOVE it!!!!! Check out their site....They have unbelievable fabric- I could go crazy shopping there...must. restrain.
here's a random assortment of gifts, but I really wanted you to see the cute European scooter- I love it!

Some love for my baby William- he asked for a "choo choo shirt"... here you go! I love the plane below. It'll be so cute with brown shorts!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Oh sewing blog, I have neglected you... it's been so busy with the school year wrapping up. I'm excited about having some new fabrics (you'll have to wait until next week to see those!) and lots of fun projects coming up! You guys are keeping my machine running- thank you!!!! Here are a few things I've been working on lately...

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! I can tell it's summer...everyone's ordering bubbles for babies :-) They are soo cute when the babies have these on with little chubby legs- I love it!!! The monkey has also been pretty popular lately.... I have a new pirate ship design, surfboard, and baseball! All are perfect for summer!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sewing through the flood in TN

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A small "flood" came through TN last weekend- we had about 16 inches of rain over 2's been an interesting week trying to dry out over the last few days. The storms put a small slow down in my sewing, but hopefully I'll get caught up soon. I finished the gift for the winner of the Intentional Home Blog giveaway... Congratulations! I love giveaways- maybe because I like to win and I feel like with a giveaway I kind-of "win." Well, I at least get to see the winning prize before the winner actually does, I'm the kid who wanted to see the gifts before they were wrapped up for Christmas :-) here's what the winner Courtney ordered....

I hope she loves it. I am in love with the seersucker alligator!!! Is she/he not the best?

Look closely, I used her again :-) I also added a new flower applique- I think its super sweet for a little girl!

My friend Diane and her sister trade small gifts each time they visit- this time Mary's getting a summer koozie- perfect!

New designs...

I've always loved the traditional three letter monogram, but it was too large for a onesie or koozie- I've just gotten a smaller version that starts at only 1.5 in- yeah! perfect for a onesie or koozie!

How cute is this "tie" for a onesie or t-shirt? I am just thinking how sweet little babies and toddlers will be in this, or you can make it a funky 80s "tie"... yeah!

My son has developed a minor obsession with trains and wagons...and tunnels??? anyway I just found this to pacify him- can't wait to use it... "choo-choo" as baby William would say! (If you don't know William, he's not really a "baby" he's 21 mo old, but I still call him "baby William" :-)

Tons of bubbles, bibs, and burp cloths to make this weekend- here's hoping for nice weather...well not too nice- I don't want to be tempted to be outside all day!!!!

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